Electronic Shooters Protection



  • Custom molded for all day comfort
  • Multiple models for any shooting situation
  • Multiple options to fit your budget
  • Many different color combinations available
  • State-of-the-art circuitry
  • Noise reduction circuits reduce hiss & static
  • Fast, dependable service
  • Replacement batteries available at most drug stores
  • *NEW* Now with P2i Nano Water Repellent Coating.
  • One-year repair warranty (includes fit)

At ESP America, our hearing ear plugs are used for a variety of different reasons. From big game hunting to bird hunting, out digital hearing protection gets the job done. Having a set of ear plugs that fit properly allow you to hear the majestic bugle of a bull elk, grunts of a whitetail deer an even the gentle footsteps of a bear coming close. The same goes for bird hunting as well, the cackle of a rooster or pheasant and the wind whistling through the wings of a duck are sounds that you need to hear for an effective day of hunting. Without proper ear hearing protection you may sacrifice your future in hunting, or possibly even your career. Allow ESP America to enhance your experience in the woods, marshes and fields.

ESP America’s digital hearing protection is also perfect for law enforcement and military officials. When you need to be commanding your team, listening for the enemies and getting a mission completed, a properly fit pair of custom molded ear hearing protection is crucial. In the line of duty, your life depends on being able to hear every sound around you, don’t let an average pair of hearing protectors stand in your way. In the realm of competitive shooting, you’re hearing is vulnerable to serious damage in a short amount of time. The non-stop gunfire is an irrefutable way to lose your hearing if you don’t have the right protection, don’t sacrifice your enjoyment and thrill of the competition, choose a suitable fit for your protection.

*NEW* What is P2i Nano?
Wet and blustery days in the field keeping you from wearing your electronic hearing protection? Put those fears to rest as ESP has updated their product line to include the P2i Aridion™ nano-coating technology that protects the hearing devices from water damage. Enjoy all of the existing benefits of your favorite custom in-ear hearing protection knowing that moisture won’t damage the intricate internal electronics, microphone, speaker, volume control and battery contacts. The P2i Aridion™ nano-coating works by lowering the surface energy of the device. Instead of the water spreading and sticking, it forms droplets that allows moisture, sweat and humidity to bead up and roll away. The hydrophobic layer is 1,000 times thinner than human hair and ensures superior liquid repellency by protecting the entire device. Not only will your ESP’s protect your hearing against the damaging effects of gunfire, they now guard against the harmful consequences of water infiltration.  Now Standard on all models. Have an older model? Not to worry, P2i Nano retrofitting is available!


ESP Elite Classic – Shooters Hearing Protection Earplugs – $900 + S&H + Tax


ESP Elite Classic

With improved manufacturing techniques and Analog circuitry, we now offer the new, updated entry-level ESP Elite Classic – Shooters Hearing Protection Earplugs. The Elite Classic Hearing Protection Device provides great sound quality and like all ESP models will amplify the sounds you want to hear while protecting your ears from damaging noises over 90db.

The sound quality reproduced by the Elite Classic hearing protection devices is suitable for all shooting situations, but slightly less smooth when compared to our Digital models. The Elite Classic Hearing Protection Device is the perfect option for those on a budget with general hunting/shooting needs. +/-25 NRR


ESP Elite Digital – Shooters Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Plugs – $1,600 + S&H + Tax


ESP Elite Digital

For those wanting digital sound quality, the ESP Elite Digital – Shooters Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Plugs, provides a cost-effective option. With more realistic sounds than the Elite Classic, the Elite Digital Electronic Shooting Earbuds, amplifies sound you want to hear while protecting your ears from damaging noises over 90db.

The Elite Digital Shooting Earplugs is the perfect option for those on a budget with general hunting/shooting needs who still want digital-quality sound. +/-25 NRR


ESP Stealth – Electronic Hearing Protection Shooting Earplugs – $2,100 + S&H + Tax


ESP Stealth

Our most popular Hearing Protection Earbud model provides you with the highest quality digital sound. The sounds you hear from the state-of-the-art digital circuitry in the Stealth are so natural you’ll forget you’re wearing the ESP Stealth – Electronic Hearing Protection Shooting Earplugs.

The enhanced intelligent algorithms identify unwanted background noises without suppressing the sounds you want to hear. Whether hunting or shooting, the Stealth Hearing Protection Earbud includes the advanced noise compression circuitry required to protect your hearing from noises over 90db while allowing you to experience all the natural sounds around you. Whether a hunter or a shooter, the rich, clear digital sounds will benefit you in any situation. +/-25 NRR

ESP Dynamic – Digital Shooters Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Plugs – $2,400 + S&H + Tax


ESP Dynamic

With six automatic digital settings, the ESP Dynamic Digital Shooters Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Plugs adapt to the ambient noises around you. Whether on a busy sporting clays course, calling in a wary gobbler, or differentiating commands in an urban-tactical setting, the Dynamic Hearing Protection Earbud automatically selects the best setting to filter unwanted sounds so you will hear what’s most important to you.

With state-of-the-art digital circuitry, you’re sure to hear the highest quality sound. Of course, no matter the setting, the Dynamic Hearing Protection Earbud is equipped with advanced compression circuitry that instantly activates and shuts off to protect your hearing from noises over 90db. In addition, dual microphones greatly help you determine the direction from which sounds are coming. With the newest digital dynamic sound processing circuitry, and an included wind intercept mode, the Dynamic Hearing Protection Device represents the most advanced technology in electronic hearing protection. +/-25 NRR


All ESP devices are under warranty for 1 year against any failure due to normal wear and tear. This also includes the fit. All repair and service is done on site at our lab. Always be sure to pack ESP devices properly.


Amazingly awesome; Fit perfectly (ESP)
I wanted to let you know how amazingly awesome the ESP Elite Digital hearing protection devices are for protecting my hearing at the shooting range. I spend a lot of time at the range coaching new shooters and providing range protection. Protecting my hearing is the number one goal while I’m at the range. But because I have to interact with the shooters while at the range, I find it difficult to hear questions. I ordered the ESP Elite Digital devices to help me “hear” a little better at the range. My first experience using them was at my Women and Handgun class. The devices fit perfectly and where very easy to insert. But the best part, I didn’t need to take them out to answer questions at the range. I could hear with clarity what everyone was saying, even the whispering that was going on behind the shooting sections. I was even able to answer my phone and talk with the caller without having to remove my hearing protection. And the best of all – I was able to do all this while still protecting my hearing. I did not hear the gun fire during the entire time at the range. What I mean is, I knew there was guns firing, but I didn’t hear the loud noise associated with guns firing. I can’t describe how they protected my hearing at the range, because it didn’t seem possible since I could hear so well.

The ESP Elite Digital devices were the best investment I have ever made. I have used them every time I have been at the range and plan to use them often. I also have a great carrying case – purple to match my favorite color – that I keep the hearing devices in while I’m not at the range. This case clips on my belt loop so I have them handy anytime I want to go to the range.

Thank you for the great devices.
–Karma Whelchel

Far better then any in ear plug I have ever used(ESP)

I would first like to Thank You for all the help and making it such an easy process of getting my new ESP Dynamics, from the fitting to the follow up along the way. I have really enjoyed the ESP Dynamic Series from wearing them all weekend at a PRS match where you are shooting in a squad with 9 other guys and more then half of them have muzzle breaks. The fit was perfect, along with the hearing, noise suppression and wind cancellation was by far better then any in ear plug I have ever used. My only regret is I did not buy a set years ago.

Thank you,
–Wes Rolan