Active Lifestyles

Does music help you focus or relax? Are the earbuds that came with your device uncomfortable, causing pressure in places while also falling out at the worst times? Do you wish you could take your music with you everywhere? Our products will make this a comfortable reality.


Industrial work is hard. Not just on your body, but on your hearing. Our Insta-molds and Lab Plugs products are for industrial companies that believe their employees are not adequately protected or are hard to fit using standard foam or preformed plugs.

Shooting Sports

We love our time at the range, when we can get it. But pistols, rifles, and shotguns are extremely loud. Whether you are shooting for fun, out hunting, or carry a firearm as part of your job, let us help you keep your hearing safe.


Few things are as exciting as racing around the track. Everything flying by you as your world narrows down to a point. It is amazing. But Motorcycle or Race car, Truck or Dragster, there is so much noise that your hearing is at risk every quarter mile. Let us help keep your hearing safe for miles to come.

Musical Performance

Whether Playing on stage or working in the studio a musician’s hearing is a huge part of their profession. You need to be able to hear clearly AND protect your hearing. We have a wide variety of products to meet your very specific needs.


Flying high is indescribable, but those engines are loud. Protect your ears while your head is in the clouds.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is a dangerous job and we respect the men and women who put themselves in harms way day in and day out. We offer several products that will both help preserve your hearing and make your communication gear more comfortable.

Sleep Plugs

Nothing feels quite as good as a restful night of sleep, and few things are as bad for you as not getting the sleep you need. Don’t let the noise of the outside world intrude on your sleep. We can show you how!


Swimming, Surfing, Diving, or Riding a Jet ski, noise and pressure can be a problem. That and water getting in your ear can be uncomfortable and occasionally risky. Well we have what you need to keep your hearing save and your ears nice and dry.


because there was a major need for quality hearing protection as Hearing Loss is at an all time high. We are a certified provider of Custom Molded Hearing Protection that provide the best in comfort, fit, and protection.

We use medical grade silicone in our Insta-mold plugs and lab molded plugs. All our products are latex free! We have everything from standard plugs to electronically enhanced custom molded hearing protection. We have products to fit your needs from shooting, motorcycle riding, water sports, construction, racing monitors, iPods, manufacturing, and even Law Enforcement.

We do gun/trade shows and shooting events, as well as other venues that require hearing protection. If you work in a high noise environment or want HPS to attend an event or for group fittings, contact us.



  • Hearing Loss affects 31 MILLION Americans and is expected to grow to 80 MILLION in the next 10 years.
  • Hearing Loss is the 3rd MOST COMMON Medical Condition in America.
  • The inability to hear is detrimental to everyday communication and social interaction.


Acoustic Trauma is injury to the hearing mechanism in the inner ear due to very loud noise by a single or long term exposure.

Excessive noise exposure, such as that due to loud noise, loud music, wind and motor noise from motorcycles, gunfire, and machinery are some of the leading causes of hearing loss. The tiny hair cells in the inner ear are easily damaged; this deficit can be permanent. If the hair cells are damaged to a moderate degree they do not grow back.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss:

  • I sometimes feel people are mumbling…
  • I fail to hear the doorbell or phone…
  • I find it hard to hear birds singing, footsteps, running water, and other everyday soft sounds…
  • I have difficulty-understanding people in meetings or groups…

Hearing loss is easier to prevent than treat and less costly. Some loss over time is normal. However, for those other causes let us help you protect your hearing.