Earplug Insertion Tutorial

Step 1:

Locate the “Indicator Dot” on your plug. It is not very big, but should be visible on the plug. The “Indicator Dot” is used to indicate the outside and top of the right earplug. Please note that the earplug for the left ear does not have an “Indicator Dot”.

Earplug Indicator Dot
Indicator Dot Up

Step 2:

Gently place the earplug into the ear canal with the “Indicator Dot” at the front of the ear, or in the direction of your nose.

Earplug Insertion

Step 3:

Rotate the earplug a quarter turn counter-clockwise, up and away from the nose, toward the top of the head. While rotating the earplug it should naturally move deeper into the ear canal, though applying light pressure with the thumb will make insertion easier and more complete.

Earplug Rotation


Once the earplug is properly seated the “Indicator Dot” will be visible at the top of the plug as shown in the pictures.

Properly Seated Earplug - View 1
Properly Seated Earplug - View 2

Improperly Seated Earplugs

Improper Earplug Insertion - View 1
Improper Earplug Insertion - View 2

*Note: The portion of the earplug above the “Indicator Dot” should be tucked into the folds of the ear.