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Lab Plugs Ears are super soft hydrophobic silicone earplugs that can be made to glow in the dark. We can even take the time to outfit these molds with acoustical filters which will provide excellent protection against high level impulse noises ranging from 140-190dB. Making them excellent for speech recognition for motorcyclists, dentists, shooting enthusiasts and/or musicians.

View the color chart for available colors. Color Chart



(Note: Ear impressions are required for proper manufacturing and custom fit. Please contact us to find your nearest provider.)
Our Lab Plugs’s start at $125/pair
They can have up to 5 colors blended together.
Additional charges for filters and other options.


Step 1. Impressions Sent to Lab


Step 2. Impressions Processed


Step 3. Silicon Filled Impression Mold


Step 4. Full Disk of Complete Plugs (Colored outer – Clear Inner)

15 reviews for Lab Plugs

  1. Mark Q.

    Absolutely love them! (Bluetooth Custom Ends)
    Just got back from shooting….. I absolutely love them! Way better than stock. They are comfortable and you can hardly even tell they are in your ear.
    I really appreciate them Mark.

  2. DJ Pyro

    Highly Recommend Mark Reid
    I have chameleon ear lab plugs that I got from Hearing Protection Services. Never have I had a more comfortable feeling in my ears for noise protection. Also I enjoyed not hearing anything in an unsafe noise environment. I used them working with coca cola, running loud machinery. It is a lot of fun because you get to pick out your favorite colors. Hearing protection is important and I would highly recommend Mark Reid to help you protect yours.

  3. Jana

    Snoring Husband Silenced
    As far as the sleep plugs go: I love them! My husband’s snoring RARELY bothers me any more. I sleep all night long, whereas I used to lie awake for hours every night listening to him until I’d finally give up and move to the couch at the far end of the house! I haven’t slept on the couch in months! IF he wakes me up, it is only a matter of minutes before I am able to return to sleep. I am much more rested, and a lot less cranky during the day!!!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Lorraine Watson

    Restless to Restful Sleep; No More Bothersome TV Noise
    As I have to get up early for work, I typically have to have my husband turn the television volume down as the audio from the television manages to resonate through to my bedroom door, causing me to have a broken or restless sleep. I have tried other ear plugs, but have had only marginal success. The ear plugs you provided to me successfully filtered out the noise, resulting in my having a sound and restful sleep. Thank you Mark for providing the ear plugs which allow my husband to listen to television in the late hours and at the same time allow me to have a sound, noise free restful sleep.

  5. PJ LaMariana – PJ’s Triumph Ducati

    They’re Great
    I got the plugs and they’re great. Thank you for doing them. We enjoyed having you guys here and hope to do it again next year.

  6. Steve Hartin

    Aid with Heavy Equipment Operation
    I cannot thank you enough for your advise on hearing protection. To refresh your memory, I drive a street sweeper for the Town of Gilbert. For 10 hours a day, I had to endure the drone of the diesel engine, the power take off, the hydraulic pump, and the scrapping of gutter brooms on asphalt. I was having headaches at the end of my shift. You suggested the molded ear plug and you took an impression of my ear canal. A week later the hearing protection was in my mail box. It took me a couple of days to get used to the plugs, but I love them now. Last week, our repair shop had my sweeper in for repairs and I was without my protection in our back-up sweeper. The noise was incredible. I keep your product in my locker from now on. I don’t want to be stuck again. I believe anyone operating heavy equipment should wear you hearing protection. If I had known about your plugs years ago, I wouldn’t have the hearing loss I have to deal with now.
    Thank you again.

  7. Dustin Hughes – Thunderbird Harley-Davidson

    They really do the job!
    I’m so glad you helped me with these specialized hearing systems. I tried them while at band practice playing drums and they worked perfectly. I can’t wait to try them on my motorcycle. I will talk to some people I know and see if I can help you with some sales! They really do the job and trust me I’ve tried hundreds of different ear buds and silencers!!!
    Thanks so much,

  8. Xen

    ALL Noise Blocked Out Racing Motorcycles
    Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how satisfied I am with the hearing protection I bought from you. I road race motorcycles and your product blocks out ALL noise; it really lets me focus on the task at hand!

  9. Coby

    Helps with Chainsaw Noise
    Just had my first two full days with my new ear plugs in, running a chain saw. They work great.
    Thank You!

  10. Erica

    So Much Better Then the Others I Had Been Using
    These ear plugs are so much better then the others that I had been using. Night and day difference! They are so much more comfortable I can wear them all day without any problems. They also cut the noise level down to a comfortable level, but still let me hear just enough to know when my machines aren’t running right. I definitely want another pair.

  11. D.S., Safety Manager, Army Corps of Engineers

    Love Them! Army Corps of Engineers
    The guys and gals love them! I have provided them to those that are on convoys on a regular basis. Normal earplugs attenuate too much and you can’t hear any communication. With Hear Defenders, you can hear everything and know that if we get hit by an IED, our hearing will be intact. This is critical – instead of having a temporary hearing loss after an explosion,we have our hearing intact, allowing us to use our radios to call for help.

  12. Mark

    Worth the Time & Expense
    My name is Burns and I have been in high noise areas since the 70′s when I joined the Air Force. I worked on the flight line and the jet engines were extremely loud, during this time hearing protection was minimal. The only ones with ear covers were flight crews and engineers/crew chiefs. The rest of us had to use rubber inserts that came in different colors (each indicated a different size) and they really did not fit well. We also used these for or weapon qualifications on the range. So as you can gather we all ended up with tinnitus at different severity’s.
    I was introduced to Mark Reid through Dale Perkins who swore by the product. I talked with Mark who explained the product and the differences in protection. I decided to try a set, the professionalism and time he took to ensure a perfect mold of my ear was well worth the time and expense. I received mine in about two weeks and used them the next range day, I could not believe the difference. They fit perfectly and the sound level was the lowest of any product I had ever used. I have since purchased a second pair for work purposes and recommended them to my friends. I really would of liked to of had a pair of these back in the 70′s.

  13. Ryan

    I Love the Filtered Plugs
    I Love the filtered plugs. They make the aircraft comfortable to work around if we have it running and it still allows me to hear people talk so I can keep them in for long periods of time without them being a nuisance.

  14. Benjamin Baca

    Best Ear Plugs I Have Ever Worn
    These custom ear plugs worked amazing! I had them fitted while on leave from my deployment. In a few short weeks I received my package to my APO. Good timing too because the rest of my deployment I was flown back and forth in a Blackhawk. If you never flown in one it gets really loud. Loading and unloading was a daily task. The ear plugs fit perfect and are easy to put in. Also it came with a pouch and tool to clean them, and a lanyard to keep them together. I must say these are the best ear plugs I have ever worn and believe me I have used many in the military. I recommend them to anybody who’s serious about protecting their hearing.

  15. Bill


    Received the lanyard.
    You clearly stand behind your products and go out of your way for your clients.
    Appreciate it and thanks,


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