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Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods of time. Each require different amounts of protection depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals and performances.

As designed by the number classification, ER-25′s and ER-9′s provide either more or less attenuation than ER-15′s. Some musicians use one type of attenuator in one ear and one type in the other, depending on the source and location of the sound.

Below you will find an easy to follow “Fitting Chart.” Use this as a guide to determine which earplug would be recommended for your specific requirements.


Cost: $195/ pair +SH + Tax

*Comes with one solid, and filter of choice.

*Please call for current pricing on all filters.

*Additional filter sets are $85/pair + Tax

Optional Filters for Musician’s Filtered Plugs:

  • ER-9 Musicians Earplug –
    Used when a small amount of protection is adequate.
  • ER-15 Musicians Earplug –
    Provides the same attenuation at all frequencies.
  • ER-15SP Sports Plug –
    Used by athletes and others in high noise environments.
  • ER-25 Musicians Earplug –
    Used by drummers and others exposed to high sound levels.


This design replicates the natural response of the ear canal so that the sound heard is the same quality as the original, just a bit quieter. The differences in buttons are listed below.


The ER-9 has reduced diaphragm stiffness for less attenuation (reduction).

*Reduced attenuation (better audibility) then the ER-15
*For use when a small amount of protection is adequate
*Good frequency response
*9 dB attenuation through 2 kHz
*Available colors – Beige, Brown, Red, Blue, Clear


The ER-15 has a diaphragm which functions as an acoustical compliance, as well as an acoustical mass. This results in a smooth and flat attenuation (reduction).

*Practically perfect frequency response
*Provides the same attenuation at all frequencies
*Minimum occlusion effect with deeply-sealed custom earmolds
*15 dB attenuation
*Available colors – Beige, Brown, Red, Blue, Clear


The ER-15SP (sports Plug) response is similar to the ER-15, but the 6kHz side branch resonance (which smoothes the ER-15 response above 3kHz) was sacrificed in order to provide the smallest possible size.

*Smaller then the ER-15
*15 dB attenuation
*Used by athletes and others in high noise environments where hearing signals and sounds are important
*Available colors – Orange
*Styles – compact


The ER-25 has an increased diaphragm stiffness and an acoustical mass channel molded into the button for more attenuation (reduction).

*Increased attenuation good frequency response
*Used by drummers and others exposed to high sound levels
*25 dB attenuation
*Available colors – Beige, Brown, Red, Blue, Clear

2 reviews for Musicians Filtered Ear Plugs

  1. Laura Loudermilk

    I purchased hearing protection from you late spring/early summer. I finally had the opportunity to use the product last week at the Edgar Winter/Alice Cooper/Deep Purple concert.

    I am extremely pleased with the hearing protection. I could feel vibrations from some of the music, but my hearing remained intact. I will use the product at any concerts I attend. It worked great!

  2. Sophia

    Mark, thank you so being so responsive when I called you about fitting my husband with the hearing protection ear plugs. My husband has terrible tinnitus and loud noises and music exacerbate it. Before we got the hearing protection he did not go to concerts with me. We were on a tight schedule before our concert and we got it that week. You were also helpful in teaching him how to use them. We went to the concert and they worked great. What is also great about your product is the different filters which can be placed for different situations. Moreover, they were molded to fit him. Thank you. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to block out noxious sounds.

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