Professional Music Monitors

The Z Series plugs are similar to our single driver iPlugz Recreational Sports Monitors with some noticeable differences. They work great as earbuds or for professional musical performance where hearing above the music is essential. They are available in 8 different variations!

Units come professionally packaged with a standard 3.5mm gold plated ear cord, a small individual carrying case, cleaning tool, dehumidifier filler and locking protective storage case. (Spare ear cords and accessories can be purchased separately).

Since the Z Series plugs require ear impressions to be properly manufactured, please contact us to schedule a consultation and fitting.

View the color chart for available colors. Color Chart



The Z1 is a small step up from our single driver iPlugz Recreational Sports Monitor. The differences being made with a polished acrylic hard shell material and pro audio cord that can be detached from the faceplate of the monitor.This single driver construction is primarily used by general music enthusiast traveling on airplanes, working out and within recreational activities, and is ideal for users looking for an inexpensive, low-end, solution for an IEM.Units come professionally packaged with a standard 3.5mm gold plated ear cord, a small individual carrying case, cleaning tool, dehumidifier filler and locking protective storage case. (Spare ear cords and accessories can be purchased separately).

Cost: $350.00/set


The Z2 is our entry-level professional music monitor system. It is perfect for the emerging musician, passionate audiophile, audio engineer or sound board operator who is looking for better sound quality in a custom isolating monitoring system.Built with balanced dual armature driver technology, we increase the users experience by incorporating better highs and base tones. This gives the monitors better depth and characteristics over our Z1 single driver design and brings more enjoyment to your listening, or playing and recording choices.Personalization with shell and faceplate colors will also add a unique aspect to your personal listening systems, and make these your best friends for years to come.

Cost: $495.00/set

Z2 w/Extra Bass

The Z2 w/Extra Bass brings the same qualities as the Z2, but adds a benefit for better bass tones and low end. They were developed to help bring more quality to the bass guitarist and drummer looking for an entry level professional music monitoring system, as well as the average music enthusiast looking for higher performance in a multi-driver design while listening to their music/audio files.They are available in a wide range of faceplate and shell color selections and offer excellent isolation over background sounds and other physical noise.

Cost: $550.00/set


The Z3 is designed for the serious musician and music lover. It offers the same benefits as the Z2 with swivel ear cord and personalized color choices, but separates the audio into a triple driver design combination. This combination includes a balanced dual armature driver with crossover technology that controls the mids and bass tones, and a single driver handling the high frequencies. The Z3 delivers better sound dynamics and characteristics to enhance any performance on stage or listening atmosphere.It is truly one of the top triple driver monitors built in the industry and will give you the specifics in sound definition that you would experience in a theatre.

Cost: $700/set

Z3 w/Extra Bass

The Z3’s w/Extra Bass round off our mid-line in ear monitoring systems. They feature the same aspects as our Z3’s, but have a slight more emphasis on the lower end for better bass tone understanding.They are a step up in overall performance for drummers and bass focused musicians looking for a little more bump in their recordings and stage performance sound. They are a complete monitor in all sense of the word, and deliver elite and well balanced definition to those looking for it!

Cost: $750.00/set


The Z4’s are the beginning of our upper level professional in ear monitoring systems. They feature a tri-port audio construction with two bass drivers, one mid driver and one high driver along with a three-way crossover design.With a tri-port audio construction, the individual frequencies are channeled through the earpiece and come together as the hit the ear drum. This brings all frequencies to the ear with an improved clarity and understanding creating a well balanced acoustical presence.

Cost: $875/set


The Z5 is the ultimate in music monitor systems. It incorporates two base end drivers, two mids and a single tweeter, along with three crossovers. It also features a three port canal design that keeps each frequency tone compiled as it hits your eardrum. The Z5 is definitely a studio quality performance monitor and surround sound feeling in ear system.

Cost: $1,000.00/set


The Z6 takes the construction of the Z5 and adds an additional tweeter for cleaner vocals and clarity to higher frequencies. It incorporates two base end drivers, two mids and two highs along with 4 way crossover for smoother performance. The Z6’s are also made with a tri-port separation design to deliver the best acoustical resemblance of the played audio directly to the ear drum. It’s a high quality design used by only the serious audio fanatics!

Cost: $1,200/set


The Z8 is the highest performing music monitor we market. It features a 6 way crossover design built between two base end drivers, three mids and three highs. Thus, delivering a performance with deeper and stronger frequency ranges with an extremely clean sound spectrum across the board!The Z8’s are also constructed with a tri-port separation design that delivers each frequency range directly to the ear without inter-mixing them along the way. Your music experience will truly be at another level as you’ll never be able to hear more clarity and depth to each note being played!

Cost: $1,500.00/set


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