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These are made with a standard 3.5mm mono jack and 36″ cord length. They will plug directly into your raceceiver and help you isolate the radio traffic coming from the tower officials into your ears at a reduced volume level.

Custom-fit versions are available in several color choices and can be customized for team colors or personal favorites. Foam-tipped versions work best for driver academies looking to accommodate the general student driver.

Our custom fit ensures a perfect seal for adults and children!

Standard Foam-Tipped Version: $135.00/set (S&H and Tax included)
Custom-Fit Version*: $190.00/set (S&H and Tax included)
*Please contact us to assist you in getting an ear impression.

6 reviews for Raceiver/ Racing Monitors

  1. Matt Young

    They Solved the Issues Very Effectively
    Quickly after starting to use 2-way radios in racing I noticed two things. First, I was having a hard time hearing track officials and my spotter over my engine noise and cars around me. Second, standard earbuds, while wearing a helmet, are very uncomfortable. After a short discussion with Mark, I knew what I wanted to get and they solved both issues very effectively. After having used this solution for a few years now, I’ve made the decision to purchase a second set, minus the electronic portion, for shooting sports. The comfort of my racing set helped make my decision to carry that comfort over to another passion of mine.
    Thanks again Mark!

  2. Ashley Gantt, Driver of the 08 Modified – Napa Speedway in Albuquerque, NM

    The Best Investment I Have Ever Made!

    The Issue:
    I bought my racing radios in 2008 with the standard race receivers ear buds. Since then I had to purchase another pair because they crackled so bad I could not understand my spotter. In racing we use spotters as our second set of eyes so hearing my spotter clearly is the key. During the first race of the season I noticed I was having more issues with the standard ear buds yet again. I could only hear out of one ear bud and there was still crackling. Also, in order for the ear buds to stay in my ears tightly enough to hear what I could I had to use duct tape to keep them in, which is a hassle and also hurt to take off because it was pulling out my hair. After all that time I just got so fed up. That’s when I called Mark Reid.

    The Service:
    I had spoke with Mark about my problems that I was having because I knew he offered a solution for it. At my convenience I was able to go to his house where he talked to me about his product and the benefits of getting custom ear molds. He then started on the ear molds and was very gentle and knowledgeable about the product. He explained to me that they would be sent off and made in any color I wanted. He also took the time to make sure the connector that I needed was the correct one.

    The Solution:
    After about two weeks I received my customer race receivers – just in time for my next race. I loved that I no longer had to use duct tape to keep my ear buds in when I put on my helmet. I could hear my spotter crystal clear, which was very helpful that particular night because I was racing hard in traffic and it kept me out of harm’s way. My custom ear molds are so comfortable I recommend them to any racecar driver and also the custom hearing protection for anyone involved in racing and other sports like hunting or shooting. There is no question about it my experience with Mark and my customer race receivers. They are absolutely amazing and they are the best investment I have ever made!

    Thank you! Mark

  3. Mike

    GREAT!!! Make a Difference While Racing Cars
    Hey everybody.
    The ear plugs came in time!!!
    They work GREAT!!!
    It will make a difference when we have to get in the cars to race , and not have to mess with the old style plugs not staying in place.
    It spoiled us already!!

  4. Xen

    ALL Noise Blocked Out Racing Motorcycles
    Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how satisfied I am with the hearing protection I bought from you. I road race motorcycles and your product blocks out ALL noise, it really lets me focus on the task at hand!

  5. Scot

    Noise is a Low Volume at 100mph
    I purchased a set of on-site protectors to use when riding my motorcycle. Due to the way my helmet contacts my ear, it broke the seal on my left ear, so it was not fully protecting me. I contacted Mark and he said to see him at the next show where we made a new plug and let it set up while I wore the helmet. Total success! I have been riding since 1965, starting with a Triumph Bonneville through various sport and touring bikes, and it has never been this pleasant. Even with the helmet directly in the wind stream at 100mph, the noise is muted to a low volume. I can still hear other vehicles’ tires, horns, or sirens, so it is safe. Mark is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and stands behind his work. Thanks again, Mark!

  6. Mark Ashcraft

    Just wanted to follow up on the product that you made up for us while down in Albuquerque. We have racing for 2 years now and have tried multiple styles of ear buds even the “DIY” molded kits nothing has held up or have been as comfortable to the driver then the ones we got thru you and HPS. The experience from start to finish was a good one, from showing us the products features such the exchangeability of the pieces to repair damaged pieces to working with our driver to select the custom colors and ensuring the best fit. All weekend she had something but good things to say from being able to clearly hear the radio from the comfort when wearing the helmet. A+ for sure!!

    Thanks again

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